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Stone Landscaping in Hammond, Louisiana

Stone landscaping hammond louisiana

Your landscape tells your neighbors and friends what type of person you are. Add stone features to instantly give them a good impression. Here are some tips to help you decide which features you would like in your Hammond landscape:

Bronze Sculptures: Incorporate bronze statuary into your landscape. Brown is a natural color which looks great outdoors.

Columns: Add power to your landscape design with Hammond stone columns. Install these with your deck, porch, or garden. They are heavy, but well worth the effort. Make sure to plan these designs out thoroughly to make sure the columns are the correct size to look “correct” in accordance with their surroundings.

Flooring: Outdoor stone flooring is just as impressive as indoor, but it appears even more natural. Light colors are usually good for tiling, but experiment as you wish. Make sure it agrees with the color of your home.

Fountains: Trickling water is a sound many people desire near their homes. And they should feel good about it knowing that they can have real water sounds in any landscape with our four-season granite fountains.

Fountain Pools: Let your fountains flow over into a fountain pool. Pools add an entirely new dimension to tiered fountains. Wishing well anybody?

Landscape Decor: Enhance your landscape with benches, birdbaths, bridges, gazebos, lanterns, planters, and stepping stones.

Pedestals: Pedestals will add an elegant look near staircases or drives, and serve as impressive stands for vases and other ornaments.

Stone Statuary: They carry animal statues, contemporary statues, and figure statues. Statues are a display of your personality. They will make your visitors look closer.

Tables: Have an outdoor BBQ and eat at a stone table. Do not get too big of a table. A round bar table will do, but the stone improves the look and feel over a wooden, glass, plastic, or metal table.

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