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Home Articles Discover The Key Advantages Of Using Travertine Pavers To Add Value To Your Home in Hammond

Discover The Key Advantages Of Using Travertine Pavers To Add Value To Your Home in Hammond

Discover key advantages travertine pavers add home hammond

Travertine Pavers in Hammond are a favourite flooring choice of architects, professional designers and home owners. They can be used both inside and outside your home. These pavers not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the house but are also elegant, durable and tough.

Travertine pavers are a distinctive and exclusive type of stones that provide a number of advantages over concrete and other stone materials. Tumbled travertine pavers can withstand the harsh elements of nature. They are different from other minerals because travertine does not get heated up even in conditions of intense heat. This makes them appropriate for places such as here in Australia where we experience the extreme summer heat. These Hammond pavers are very suitable for outdoor spaces and provide a great surface for driveways, pools and patios. Children can easily walk on the surface without burning their feet.

Variety of colours and styles to suit all situation and tastes

Travertine Pavers are available in a wide variety of styles. You can choose your paver from several tones of grey, brown, red, ivory and gold. Natural travertine can also be acquired in wonderful tinge of rust, which can be used in splendid combinations of brown, yellow and pink. The colours of travertine pavers do not get discoloured and tend to preserve their lustre even after several years of usage. Travertine pavers are very sturdy and can easily last for a number of years without any noticeable signs of efflorescence. The natural travertine stone is characterised by designs and colorations that are quite similar to the patterns found in marble and wood grain which is one of the main reasons people find them some appealing.

Besides the wide range of designs they can also be procured in various shapes and Versailles patterns. Some of the standard shapes are 610mm x 610mm, 610mm x 406mm, 406mm x 406mm. The French Patterns available in travertine pavers offer several design options.

Perfect selection for around the pool and entertaining areas

The brushed element of the travertine pavers gives a non-skid surface and this averts accidents. They do not require mortar or cement for installation. Thus they are suitable to make a pathway through the garden, boundary around the swimming pool, as well as for terraces. These pavers can cope well with the salt water too. This makes them an appropriate choice for the areas around your pool where you might want a high class finish to impress friends and family. The travertine pavers are often preferred over limestone tiles.

They are suitable to be used inside the house as well and can give an attractive, natural look to your house. In case of damage, it is easy to order a new stone and replace the old one. There is no discoloration of travertine natural stone so the problem of matching of the old and the new stones does not occur.

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