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Home Articles Creating Your Perfect Pool With Travertine Pavers in Hammond

Creating Your Perfect Pool With Travertine Pavers in Hammond

Creating your perfect pool with travertine pavers in hammond

If you are creating a pool for your family’s enjoyment, it is important that you choose the best materials so that you get the most out of your investment. This means taking into consideration durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal along with cost effectiveness. A pool can be a long-lasting source of fun, relaxation and luxury quality time for the entire family so it is crucial that it is created with the absolute highest quality and most effective materials. When it comes to the area around your pool, there is no better pool deck material than Hammond Travertine pavers. These natural stone patio pavers create a beautiful and functional space to relax and move around your pool.

What is Travertine?

Travertine pavers in Hammond are natural stone pieces that fit together to create an aesthetically pleasing, custom pool deck. These tiles are created from stone formed in natural underground waters. This formation allows for a smooth, porous and beautifully-colored surface. Generally beige or brown in color, these patio pavers can also be found in silver, grey, blue or even pinkish marbled versions. This means that you can choose the colors and vein patterns that will create the pool deck perfect for your home.

Benefits of Travertine Pavers

With all of the options available, it can be an overwhelming decision choosing the material for your patio pavers. The natural, durable beauty of Travertine pavers is an ideal choice, offering a list of benefits that make them as attractive logically as they are visually.

  • Because most areas go through a wide range of temperature conditions from deep freeze to very hot, it is important to choose paving materials that will withstand this fluctuation without warping, breaking or losing its attractiveness. Travertine pavers are highly durable and will go through all weathers without damage.
  • Travertine is a natural stone that comes in tiles that are very easily replaced should one be damaged or marred in any way. This means that if one of your patio pavers is harmed, you don’t have to completely redo your entire pool deck.
  • Naturally porous, Travertine creates a non-slip surface that makes the area around your pool less dangerous, especially if there will be children wanting to run around.
  • One of the biggest hazards of a pool deck is burning bare feet on hot deck materials. Travertine patio pavers stay cool even in the hottest of climates, which makes enjoying your pool comfortable and safe.
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