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Creating Walkways For an Outdoor Space in Hammond

Creating walkways outdoor space hammond

When creating Hammond outdoor spaces used by the general public, walkways give a formal finish. They also provide a channel for pedestrian traffic, directing visitors towards doorways or gateways. The other value of a walkway is that it directs people away from walking on grassed areas.

Get the walkway right and it can really add to the space, establishing the desired mood. Get it wrong and it can be confusing or hazardous for those who use it. Choosing the right surface is one of the key decisions. A well designed walkway invites visitors to use it. A gratuitous use of curves will encourage users to take short cuts.

The width of a walkway is also important as it gives some clues as to the purpose. People move more quickly on wide paths than they do on narrower ones. Narrow paths on the other hand force walkers to adopt a slower pace.

A straight Hammond walkway will indicate a more functional use than one with curves. To keep people on the walkway, lay it in the direction where they are most likely to walk. One tip for a new open space is to leave grassed areas without any walkway for 3 or 4 months. Where people walk will be where the grass has been worn away and this indicates the route people want to take. This is where you can then lay your walkway.

There are many different choices when it comes to walkways. Some of them are more complex than others. It also depends on the available budget. Here are some basic options to consider:

  1. The most basic option, used in most domestic properties is to use concrete slabs. These can be purchased at any DIY store or builders merchants. A series of stepping stones laid straight on to grass is a simple, easy and adequate solution in some circumstances.
  2. A more advanced variation with concrete slabs is to dig out an area the size of each stepping stone and place the slab inside. Leave about a centimetre of the slab above the ground to trim weeds more easily.
  3. An alternative to concrete slabs is just to use gravel. Before laying down the gravel put down a layer of landscaping fabric to help with drainage.
  4. Another option is mulch which can be a good compromise choice for those with a limited budget.
  5. Some landscapers edge their walkways to give a more formal finish.
  6. Bark nuggets provide another walkway option and come in various colours. A further consideration in public areas is sun and rain protection. Shades or canopies can offer a pleasing finishing touch as well as supporting the need to direct walkers along the chosen route.
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