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Top 5 Benefits of Awnings For Hammond Homes or Buildings

Benefits awnings

If you're thinking about awnings for your Hammond, Louisiana home or business, you'll want to know about the benefits of awnings as compared to other patio covers. Having any type of shade for your windows, entry doors, or patio is a good idea but you want to be sure you're investing in a long-lasting solution.

Since we're an awning company in the Hammond area with many years of experience, our professionals at Mudbug Pavers & Construction can tell you all about awnings. Here are the top 5 benefits of awnings:

Awnings Offer An Affordable Solution

Awnings offer an affordable cover solution for any Hammond home. They are less expensive to install than roofing systems. However, this of course depends on the company you choose because anyone can price them too high and labor rates vary. Most Retractable Awnings are even more economical than fixed awnings. They definitely cost less than building a roof or dormer.

Awnings Last For Decades

Fixed awnings can last more than five decades if you take care of them. They're a sturdy and very durable structure which offers a permanent fixture for your home or commercial building, just like metal carports and patio covers.

Aluminum Awnings Are Easy To Maintain

There is very little maintenance to do if you own fixed metal or retractable awnings. All that's necessary is to clean the dirt off the surface about twice a year. Other than that, repairs will come far and few between due to heavy storm damage or impacts until the structure gets old enough.

Awnings Provide Shade & Solar Protection For Your House

Awnings provide shade and solar heat protection. They don't get as hot as cloth awnings because they reflect the heat. Depending on where you install them, they can improve your home's energy efficiency by blocking sunlight and creating shade at the windows or sliding glass doors.

Fixed Awnings Are Completely Waterproof

Unlike some fabric materials which have to be waterproofed to prevent leaks, fixed metal awnings are completely waterproof. Since they also overhang on three sides, they also offer quite a bit of protection when wind blows the rain at an angle.

While we don't have problems with snow in the Hammond, LA area, we do have to worry about hail. These structures protect your home's windows and doorways during hail storms.

If you're looking for a Hammond awning company, please call 985-340-0803, or complete our online request form.