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Backyard Paver Ideas For Fun & Functional Outdoor Living Spaces

Backyard paver ideas

When you have a family, you're always looking for ways to have fun and enjoy time together, and there's nothing like the great outdoors to have fun. If your backyard is lacking, pavers are one of the most affordable and quickest ways to get exactly what you want out of your outdoor living spaces.

They may be made out of boring stone or concrete, but with some careful thought put into the paver design, there's nothing dull and boring about them. Having a great backyard is easier than you think with pavers. Create your own fun and functional backyard living spaces with the following paver ideas from our Mandeville paving company!

Already Have A Patio? Paver Additions For More Backyard Living Space

First, if you don't have a patio, let's just say that pavers are one of the fastest and most economical ways to install a patio. They're also a great way to add onto an existing patio you may already have. With the right stone or concrete paver, the new outdoor living space can look as if it's original to the house, even if all you have is a standard concrete porch.

Talk to your paver contractor about a stamped concrete look for your existing patio with the addition of more pavers or about installing the right pavers to compliment your existing paver patio.

A Place For Family Games

One thing you may want to consider is a paver area that's comfortable for the family to get together for games. Game night is sadly a forgotten tradition in most families today. If you design a circular area that's shaded by a beautiful pergola, you can all sit and play cards or board games and your children will remember those evenings very fondly forever.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Since pavers are concrete or stone blocks, they're the perfect material for outdoor fireplaces. There's nothing more fun and functional than an outdoor fireplace, don't you agree? Travertine pavers are the perfect tile to make beautiful outdoor fireplaces but there are so many different natural stone pavers to choose from, but by far the most affordable are the concrete pavers.

As far as the design goes, the best outdoor fireplaces have storage space for wood, a grill attached, and a pizza oven! Those features can really make your family time special.

Pavers, whether natural stone or concrete, are an economical way to create all types of outdoor living spaces. With some careful thought put into the paver design and a little advice from an experienced contractor, it's easy to get exactly what you want.

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