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Why You Want Greater New Orleans Area Pavers

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You might be wondering why you should use Tangipahoa travertine pavers instead of the regular concrete pavers or other type of stone, and the answers are many. Among them is the fact that travertine does not have any metal content so it does not absorb any heat, therefore you can walk barefoot at noontime without burning your feet.

Travertine Pavers

Other reasons are, they are available in many colors and sizes, the regular thickness is 1 11/4″ and 2″ for driveways, the variety will depend on the company you purchase the travertine pavers from. Most of the companies only import the earth colors, but these are the companies that also import commercial or second quality travertine pavers.

One of the main things you should know before you buy travertine pavers is that if it is cheaper than the other companies is probably not first quality, the cost of importing travertine pavers is not low. Therefore there must be a reason why a company can sell their pavers at a very low rice and that is they are selling poor quality material.

Travertine Quality

But having different levels of quality is normal and it applies for any product we consume, but definitely you should go with first quality. It is worth to pay the right price, you will have no broken pavers, and you will have consistency on the color variation.

Using travertine pavers for your patio or pool deck will increase the value of your home, the look of the travertine pavers is without any doubt superior to any other man made paver. If you have ever being to Europe you will feel like having your little piece Europe in your own backyard.

To summarize, Travertine Pavers

  1. stay cool underfoot even at noontime
  2. increase the value of your home
  3. many different colors and sizes available
  4. it is a 100% natural color
  5. calibrated and rectified for easy installation
  6.  easy to install
  7. dry set installation, environmentally friendly
  8. no maintenance
  9. does not expand or contracts therefore will not crack overtime
  10. freeze thaw compatible, perfect for any weather.

Tangipahoa Travertine pavers will last forever as the Coliseum in Rome is still standing, these pavers will supper-pass you.

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