Get Creative With These Great Walkway Ideas

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Paver Walkways in New OrleansWalkways add an entirely new dimension to any home exterior. With an endless list of possibilities and several types of hard surfaces to choose from, building a walkway from scratch that perfectly matches your landscape design is easier than ever. It all begins by sitting down with a Mudbug Pavers specialist and formulating a vision for what you want your walkway to look like. From there we can help you get the ball rolling by coming up with great ideas for you to choose from. You can get as creative as you want and there are virtually no limits. Below are some great starter ideas to get you started on creating impressive walkways for your New Orleans home.

Pick Your Stone Palette

Everything starts with choosing what type of stone you’re looking for. Fortunately, with walkways there a numerous types of stones that are popular with homeowners.

  • Geometric Stepping Stones – Stepping stones are an affordable choice for any homeowner. You can have stones cut to your exact specifications – triangles, octagons, squares, and circles. Each stone can be leveled and embedded into the ground to make it easier on the lawn mower. Something to remember, is that shape can drastically change the look and feel of the walkway. It will also interact differently with the landscape around it; so choose your shapes wisely.
  • Natural Stones – For at truly organic design, natural or ‘free form’ stones are the way to go. Natural stones can give you a riverbed feel with stones merely being placed on top of the ground, positioned randomly, and arranged loosely to form the walkway.
  • Brick – For a more formal setting, go with brick. Since every piece of a brick walkway is exactly the same dimension, they can be arranged in a any number of patterns including, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or any combination of the two. Many homeowners will reverse the border to form a cool contrast to the rest of the design.
  • Pavers – Pavers differ from other types of stone due to the ability to take all shapes and sizes and piece them together like a puzzle in order to form a random design. Pavers can be made from any type of stone, but they generally fit into two categories: natural stone and manufactured or ‘concrete paving stone’. Natural stone can be anything from granite and blues stone to sandstone. Manufactured stone is often made from concrete. Regardless of what type of material you use, pavers are a great alternative to traditional designs and patterns.

Pick Your Color

One of the greatest features of walkways is their natural color that suits almost any front or backyard environment. Whether you get natural or manufactured stones, there are several shades to choose from. Although gray is one of the most popular colors on the market, consider the affect of other tones such as natural reds, tans, off white, and even dark to light browns. One thing to remember is how natural and neutral colors both accent your overall landscape. Many designers utilize browns, grays, whites, and even black to enhance an already existing design, but not as the main color.

Patterns and Designs

One of the greatest features of your walkway that will stand out is the overall pattern that you lay down. This includes anything from adding a painted design on top of an already existing surface, to laying down grooved finishes which are already inlaid into the stone. Your colors, patterns, and designs will define your overall environment, so give it a lot of thought before you proceed. Some popular choices include everything from stenciled concrete, exposed aggregate finishes, and scoring, to sawcutting, and, of course, natural concrete. You patterns can be as simple or complex as you want them to be.


The biggest element to remember when investing in walkways is the very reason why you are implementing into your yard. And that is to give yourself an easy passage from point A to point B. An elaborate design should never supersede quality construction and ease of use. Picking the right type of stone, the right pattern, and the overall design around your yard should prove to be a practical venture as well as an aesthetic one.

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