Hammond Natural Stone – Natural Beauty Deep Within

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Natural stones in Hammond are highly popular among home owners, not just in decorating interior of the house but exterior too. Very few people know about the wide applications of these stones in outdoor spaces. Being a popular trend in landscape designing it adds character and definition to an exterior space. The rising fame of […]

Swimming Pool Decks in Hammond Can Make Any Pool a Treasure

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If you want to make your pool look a thousand times better, swimming pool decks in Hammond can do the trick. It can be concrete or wood decking or vinyl even; installing a swimming pool deck can protect your back yard from turning into a mud bog and protect your guests from slipping in wet […]

Exterior Columns in Hammond- Selecting the Right Material For the Job

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Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, or modern architectural columns? Exterior columns that provide the classic beauty of quarried stone or the upscale elegance of solid bronze? Small architectural columns that frame a doorway, or imposing Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete columns that complete the entryway of a prestigious university? When it comes to choosing exterior columns, these are […]

Stone Landscaping in Hammond, Louisiana

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Your landscape tells your neighbors and friends what type of person you are. Add stone features to instantly give them a good impression. Here are some tips to help you decide which features you would like in your Hammond landscape: Bronze Sculptures: Incorporate bronze statuary into your landscape. Brown is a natural color which looks […]

Creating Walkways For an Outdoor Space in Hammond

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When creating Hammond outdoor spaces used by the general public, walkways give a formal finish. They also provide a channel for pedestrian traffic, directing visitors towards doorways or gateways. The other value of a walkway is that it directs people away from walking on grassed areas. Get the walkway right and it can really add […]

Different Types of Hammond Retaining Walls and Why You Need The

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If your home is on top or near sloped ground, then it’s necessary that you build retaining walls in order to support the built up pressure. Otherwise, your home might incur some serious damages and its value will be lowered in turn. There are other good reasons on why using a retaining wall is necessary. […]

Using Hammond Stone Walls for Your Outdoor Landscaping

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Landscaping is a natural way of bringing out the beauty of any space. This is a technique that has been used for centuries to achieve the greatest possible degree of beauty in a space. There are people who will not rest until they have achieved the kind of landscape they desire for their property. There […]

Discover The Key Advantages Of Using Travertine Pavers To Add Value To Your Home in Hammond

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Travertine Pavers in Hammond are a favourite flooring choice of architects, professional designers and home owners. They can be used both inside and outside your home. These pavers not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the house but are also elegant, durable and tough. Travertine pavers are a distinctive and exclusive type of stones […]

Creating Your Perfect Pool With Travertine Pavers in Hammond

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If you are creating a pool for your family’s enjoyment, it is important that you choose the best materials so that you get the most out of your investment. This means taking into consideration durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal along with cost effectiveness. A pool can be a long-lasting source of fun, relaxation and luxury […]

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